Anderson Island, Washington
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Enhancement of Schoolhouse Creek to restore and maintain salmon run is an ongoing effort. Restoring the creek to resemble its original course was completed along with Pierce County's replacement of two culverts, one on Oro Bay Road and one on Eckenstam-Johnson Road that prevented salmon migration.  Native plant introduction continues.  The restoration of the creek and culvert replacement enabled construction of an incubation and release system within the creek for 20,000 chum Salmon eggs with the intent of reestablishing the salmon run.  We are still experimenting with the design to mitigate sediment accumulation and provide a consistent and reliable clean water flow.  Currently providing a healthy incubation environment and minimizing loss requires daily intensive care.  We will continue working our plan to introduce Chum Salmon to School House Creek and improve the salmon population of Puget Sound.  It may take as long as 4 years for the first release to return.  Because of environmental and predatory factors please don't expect to see 20,000 salmon fighting their way "home".  Pierce County has also erected an informational sign near the stream crossing on Eckenstam-Johnson Road.

Periodic volunteer work parties to improve trails, viewing areas, signing and access are ongoing.

New trail construction:

Jacobs Point: Construction of another segment of the round trip nature trail on Jacobs Point in Oro Bay has begun.  Major work was accomplished on March 23rd by Island volunteers and about 70 soldier volunteers from JBLM.  The soldiers also worked on the Otso Point Boat Ramp and removed scotch broom at the fire station.  More trail construction is planned following a decision regarding the purchase of more parcels on Jacobs Point that have been retained by the Jacobs family.  Funding for acquisition will largely be by grants.

Montalvo Trail:  A new trail now connects the Jane Cammon Trail with Montalvo Park through 30 acres of property that has been leased from Pierce County.  Additional trail information and signing will be provided.

The Children's Science/Nature Day Camp for 2016 has been scheduled.  The dates are July 18, 19, and 20th.  Participants must be at least 6 years by the start of camp and cannot be older than 11 years old.  Usually there will be approximately 30 children attending over a three day period.  Registration forms will be available soon.  In the meantime you may reserve a spot and have your questions answered by contacting Board Member Carol Paschal at 253-884-2110 or by e-mail:  Parents are encouraged to assist by leading or helping lead small groups of children.
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