Anderson Island, Washington
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Andy's Marine Park

Located on Clausen Road
Andrew Anderson Marine Park:    The core of the park was the gift of Andrew Anderson (1895-1975), a true visionary concerned with the preservation of the way of life we cherish on our island.  The partially looped trail winds through a heavily wooded area with many native plants and trees.  It  includes enormous Douglas firs, featuring gorgeous views and ends at a beautiful tidal inlet that is a salmon nursery area and includes a 3/4 mile public beach with driftwood, shells, rocks and aquatic life.  The park is only accessible by trail from a trailhead and parking area located on Clausen Road or by water.  Twentyone acres were added on the north end of this park in 2008 courtesy of a Conservation Futures grant with the support of the Cascade Land Conservancy.  The park now encompasses 81 acreas.  The sand and gravel spit within the Marine Park is also a Washington Watertrails Campsite that is only available by reservation through the Parks District.  Portions of the trail near the lagoon are challenging due to steepness and there is poison oak within touching and stepping distance of the trail in proximity of the steps.  Mitigation of poison oak is an ongoing process.  At present the restroom facilities are limited to a portable at the trailhead.  We have also instituted a "Pack it In / Pack it Out" policy with regard to litter and trash.  DID WE MENTION THAT THIS IS A TIDAL AREA?

This is a marine park.  Park rules are posted at the trailhead and include but are not limited to the following:

DOGS (except for service dogs) are not welcome at any time on or off leash.  Please visit Andy's        Wildlife Park and Jane Cammon Park sites where dogs are permitted on leash only and the                  Freddy's Off-leash dog area on Sandberg Road.
-    Removal of "treasures" from the beach and trail whether living or dead and plant or animal is 
     not  permitted.  The only exception is the picking of blackberries or huckleberry's.  This is a 
     sensitive environment.  Even broken shells and stones provide protection, or a home.
-    Hunting and discharge of firearms or us of bows and arrows is not allowed.
-    Consumption of alchol and use of non-perscription non-over-the-counter drugs is prohibited.

Contact Park Commissioner:    Chuck Hinds 253-884-6911,

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