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Jacobs Point

Located on Eckenstam - Johnson Road
Jacobs Point was purchased in 2011 from Young Life with funds from Conservation Futures and the Washington State Aquatic Enhancement Account.  The park has 82 beautiful acres of beach, woods, and wetlands.  There is a sea cave near stairs down to the beach.  A lone mossy chimney remains from the original Jacobs homestead.  Historically the property was a pioneer farm and connected with a former brick yard which is located on adjoining property the Jacobs family still owns.

The shoreline is a salmon nursery area.  At least one family of coyotes has been frequently near the raised walkway and frogs sounds are deafening at times.  Bring insect repellent!  The 1.4 mile (one way including side trails to the overlooks and historic home site) is currently an out-and-back trail.  The main trail is 1.1 miles long with a total distance of about 2.5 miles round trip. The overlooks with spit rail fencing and picnic tables have views of Vega Bay, Oro Bay, South Puget Sound and Mt. Rainer.  Interpretive signs help you appreciate what nature has to offer and acknowledges the Jacobs Family.  You will pass over a raised 100-foot long walkway across a wetland and eventually hikers encounter stair access to the beach.  The beach at the bottom of the stairs is an excellent place for hand powered watercraft to take a break.  The main trail extends about 1/4  mile past the beach to an overlook with a gorgeous view of Mt. Rainer - on a clear day.  Just past the beach stairs is a composting toilet.  A loop segment was recently completely between the main trail just past the "bridge" and connects to the main trail just past the composting toilet.  A short trail off the new loop makes another connection to the beach.  Take the time to stop at the foot bridge and overlooks to observe and listen to nature's sounds.  All of the overlooks have picnic tables Please observe our "pack-it-in/pack-it-out" policy with litter.

Please keep in mind that this is a sensitive high value nature park.  Fires, overnight camping, alcohol, non-prescription drugs, discharge of firearms, and dogs are not permitted.  Removal of driftwood, and harvesting of vegetation and sea life is forbidden.  You must pack out what you bring in. Vandalism has already occurred.  Also, be aware that the beaches are tidal and the banks are high.  There is "sucking mud" in some places.  Don't get trapped!  There is also an abundance of poison oak and nettles just off the trail.  Mitigation is an ongoing struggle so please stay on the trail.

DOGS (except for service dogs) are not welcome at any time on or off leash.  Please visit Andy's              Wildlife Park and Jane Cammon Park sites where dogs are permitted on leash only and the                        Freddy's Off-leash dog area on Sandberg Road.

Contact Park Commissioner: Chuck Hinds, 253-884-6911,

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