Anderson Island, Washington
Park and Recreation District

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Jane Cammon Park (includes Anderson Island Elementary School) 

Located on Camus Road between 130th Ave. and Burton Road
Jane Cammon Park is 40 acres in size and includes the Anderson Island Elementary School, Russ Cammon Ballfield, a covered play area, play equipment, and the Jane Cammon Walking and Bicycle Trail. The trail in this park offers a year-round hiking opportunity as it lacks wet spots and standing water that hikers in other Anderson Island Parks frequently experience.  There is also a challenging off-road bicycle course.

A trail connection between Jane Cammon Trail and Montalvo Park was recently completed.

 Dogs on leashes are permitted on the Jane Cammon Trail and Park. Scooping and proper disposal of waste is required. Dogs, except for certified service animals, are not permitted in Montalvo Park and Montalvo Trail as requested by property donor; 


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Contact Park Commissioner: Bill Spears, 253-884-2180,
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