Andy's Marine Park

This 81-acre park is on the west side of the island, encompassing woodland trails and beach access with sweeping views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Parking and the trailhead are located off Claussen Road, but it can also be accessed via boat. The Deweyert-Claussen trail connects Andy's Wildlife Park to Andy's Marine park for extended hiking opportunities.

The partially looped 1-mile trail winds through a heavily wooded area with many native plants and trees. It includes enormous Douglas firs, features gorgeous views, and ends at a beautiful tidal inlet that is a salmon nursery area and offers you 3/4 mile of public beach with driftwood, shells, rocks, and aquatic life. 

The main trail is well-established, with stairs in steeper parts, and is hikable year-round. The short Old Growth loop has many of the biggest trees in the park, but is also a little steeper and less easily traversed in wet months. While this park has shorter trails, they do have a decent amount of up/down, which might be a deterrent for some. 

CAUTION - Poison oak grows within touching distance of the trail and near the stairs down to the beach.

The sand and gravel spit of the marine beach is also a Washington State Watertrails campsite that is only available by reservation through the Park District.


The original 37 acres of this park were also donated by Andrew Anderson, one of the founding members of the District, in 1975. It includes a spectacular sheltered cove of approximately four acres at high tide, protected by a natural spit some 800 feet in length. 

Pedestrian access to the park was provided through 20 acres acquired through donation and a 1987 ALEA grant, and close to one mile of trails have been developed from the parking lot located on Clausen Road. 

The 12 acres immediately to the south of the park, including a substantial portion of the cove and 550 feet of beach, were acquired through a Conservation Futures Grant in 1997; an additional 21 acres to the north were added in 2007, also with Conservation Futures funding.

This park is designated as a conservation park, and one look at the photo gallery below will give you a brief glimpse of array of wildlife that call this park home sweet home.

Park Snapshot


Located in parking lot off Claussen Road


1 mile, each way, moderate


Portable toilets in parking lot (year-round), 2nd near beach (seasonal)




Yes - 3/4 mile beach in Carlson Bay


Belen Schneider | 253-884-7976


which means we ask our visitors to follow additional rules.

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