Donate to the Park District

Looking for ways to support your community?

Anderson Island Park & Recreation District is a municipal corporation, able to receive tax-deductible donations from the community to support our public works mission. 

While we receive our funding from a property tax levy, many of our cornerstone projects, park properties, and events have happened because community members like you supported these endeavors with their donations.

Mail Donations to...

You can mail monetary donations at any time, directly to the Financial Officer, John Larsen:

Anderson Island Park & Recreation District

C/O John Larsen

10714 136th Ave.

Anderson Island, WA 98303

He will mail you a letter that can be filed with your taxes as proof of a tax-deductible donation.

You can make a general donation, or indicate that you'd like the funds applied to a specific use, like salmon restoration, supporting our Children's Nature Camp, a specific park, or other uses that are near and dear to your heart.

Details for your Taxes

Please remember that we are NOT a non-profit or 501c3 organization.  

As a municipal corporation, we are considered a "special purpose district" of government, and our ability to receive charitable funds comes from section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, listing us as a "qualified organization:"

  • A state or United States possession (or political subdivision thereof), or the United States or the District of Columbia, if made exclusively for public purposes;

As well as  Washington State's RCW 35.21.100:

  • Every city and town by ordinance may accept any money or property donated, devised, or bequeathed to it and carry out the terms of the donation, devise, or bequest, if within the powers granted by law. If no terms or conditions are attached to the donation, devise, or bequest, the city or town may expend or use it for any municipal purpose.

When filing your taxes, you'll need our full business name and address, as well as our taxpayer identification number:

Anderson Island Park & Recreation District 

11407 Old Brolin Road

Anderson Island, WA 98303

Taxpayer ID (EIN): 45-3023063

You'll receive all of this information in the letter you receive, so you have it handy when filing your taxes.

Have Questions?

If you'd like to discuss your options to donate to the Park District, contact John Larsen. or 253-732-5204‬.