Protecting Sensitive Ecosystems

In addition to providing recreation opportunities for the island's residents and visitors, the Park District's mission also includes preserving green space and protecting wildlife.

To that end, we ask visitors to consider their impact on the natural beauty around them and embrace the following guidelines.

We Come as Observers


Stay on the Trails

These parks were created with the idea that when people are more in touch with nature, they can more deeply appreciate the need to protect our flora and fauna. It's important to stay on the trails to ensure a minimal impact on the ecosystem.


Show Respect for Our Wildlife

These parks are their home...where they raise their young and do their best to thrive in a world being slowly taken over by humans. Please be considerate of them.

We Take Nothing


Refrain from Fishing or Harvesting

Within these parks, all living organisms are protected from human interaction. That includes fish, crabs, shellfish, and all other marine and terrestrial animals. Please follow a hands-off policy. Leave the fish, clams, and crabs for the wildlife.


Leave the Momentos on the Beach

Branches, driftwood, sand, rocks, shells...they all make up the ecosystem in these parks. By removing "treasures" from our parks and beaches, you are removing someone's home, building material, or barricade from the elements. Please don't collect anything from our parks.

We Leave No Trace


Pack It in, Pack It Out

We encourage you to sit a spell and appreciate the quiet beauty of these parks. However, there are no trash cans, so please plan accordingly. Bring in what you need, and please take all trash and evidence of your visit back out of the park with you.


Consider Your Impact

As a general rule, please be mindful of your impact on these fragile ecosystems. The crunch under your feet as you walk along the tideflats may be a sand dollar bed being accidentally crushed. The eagle you are trying to get closer to may be frightened off from the fish it was targeting to take home to its hungry eaglets. Observe, enjoy, learn, marvel...but please consider how your actions impact this park and its inhabitants.