The Parks

The Anderson Island Community currently supports eight developed and three undeveloped parks - almost 10% of the island - that provide a variety of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.

A well-maintained park system is important to our quality of life on Anderson Island.  The Park District preserves open space, such as woods, wetlands, tidal lagoons and estuaries as habit for wildlife and greenbelt for visual enjoyment.  The District also provides recreational opportunities ranging from nature trails to swimming and athletics.  

The natural areas are rich, yet fragile.  They  contain aquatic life, birds, an abundance of deer, coyotes, raccoon, otter and even an occasional black bear.  

WARNING - We are fortunate to have parks with beach access, but with that comes challenges from nearly 18- foot tidal changes and danger from "mucky" tidal zones.  Small crafts and people have encountered "sucking mud" that resulted in the need for difficult and risky emergency rescue.  Please always be aware of the tide tables for the day and only walk where your footing is firm.

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Beach-Access Parks

Jacob's Point Park

Andy's Marine Park

Help Preserve Sensitive Ecosystems

Dog-Friendly Parks

Andy's Wildlife Park

Off-Leash Dog Park

Jane Cammon Park

Idie Ulsh Park

Family Fun

Lowell Johnson Park

The Old School House

Russ Cammon Play Field

Schoolhouse Creek Parks

Tom White Park

Idie Ulsh Park

Andy's Wildlife Park

Schoolhouse Creek Salmon Restoration

Undeveloped Parks

St. Anne's Park

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Tom's Park

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Otso Point Ramp

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